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Requesting An Interview?

From January 1st - 31st, we'll be conducting interviews with over 100+ content creators and promoters to get a better understanding of what they do, how they do it, and lessons learned along the way...

Hey...Nice to meet you!

When it comes to interviews, we want to document the wealth of essential wisdom and advice that many of us content creators have learned along our journey.

Our goal is to talk to at least 100+ Bloggers, Youtubers, Instagrammers, and Podcasters from all walks of life.

We'll be diving into questions like...

  • How did your blog or channel come to fruition?
  • How do you keep yourself motivated when progress seems to be going slow?
  • What kind of struggles have you faced building your audience?
  • What kinds of tips and tricks have you learned that are proving to be successful?
  • What skills have you picked up that you never dreamed you’d be able to?
  • And so on...

Right now we're conducting 2 types of interviews:

  1. Audio Interviews - If you're interested in an audio interview, we'll be conducting these using Skype or Google Hangouts (whichever you prefer - no video required).
  2. Blog Series - As an alternative, we're also publishing blog articles in our ongoing series "How to build a better audience". Here's an example of our latest post with author and blogger Kimberly Love as an example.

Well... that's up to you, really.

  1. Requesting a beta key - We're still looking for about 20 more bloggers to help us test our app. ~30 seconds. (Request a key here if you're interested)
  2. Written Blog interview ~15 minutes - 25 minutes (depending on your answers)
  3. Recorded Audio interview ~25 minutes - 40 minutes (depending on your availability)

We've got a few things we can offer...

We'll guarantee you early access to our PostPossible blogging tool prior to public release. We'll also include a link to your blog, podcast, or Youtube channel in our interview, an 800 - 1200 word blog article optimized with up to 2 keywords of your choice, and a shoutout on our Facebook Groups with a network of over 20,000+ bloggers just for being awesome!

That totally depends on your comfort level and how you choose to contribute.

  1. We'll use your interview (either in full or in snippets) in our Blog, Youtube Videos, Facebook Groups, or embedded directly within our app. We'll personally contact you before we post anything for your approval first, however. Cause we're cool like that and that's what we would want...
  2. If you're answering the questionnaire regarding our app, then all answers are for internal use only. Your answers help us tweak our app to help make it better for you, and therefore will not be used for any kind of promotional stuff.

Cause you're awesome! You can request an interview easily by letting us know about you here.

We're the two founding partners of PostPossible. You can find us on LinkedIn below.

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